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Green Apple Grants for a Healthier Environment

September 16th, 2010 by Past User


$1,000 Grants for “Green” Projects

The Green Apple School Program is in its second year of offering $1,000 grants to schools to support “green” projects in their communities.    These environmental initiatives can take place on school property or in the school community.

Goals of the projects may be any of ecological resource management, ecological waste management, protection of eco-systems and biodiversity.  Just a few examples are composting, waste free lunches, tree planting, park clean-up.

For more information visit the Green Apple School Program.

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School Fees

September 13th, 2010 by Past User

School fees . . .  every year this comes up as a question from parents.  Here is the best knowledge we have about the situation:

In the OCDSB, school or student fees are to be considered voluntary.  Fees charged for mandatory activities, programmes or events must be voluntary.  Fees charged for optional activities, events or programmes need not be voluntary.

What does this mean to a parent?  If you choose not to pay a voluntary student or school fees (often at the start of the year) you do not need to.  If you do not wish to pay for an optional activity (for instance a field trip) your child may be given alternate activities to participate in (eg. staying at school instead of going on a field trip).

Why pay fees if they are voluntary?   Student or school fees support activities, projects, events, purchases for your child at school.  Without them, these activities, projects, events, purchases may not happen.  If your decision about whether to contribute involves wanting to know how the funds will be spent, please take the time to ask your school principal.

If you are not willing or able to pay voluntary fees but  feel pressured to do so, or if your child feels pressure to pay, be sure to speak with your school principal to clarify your concerns.

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25 Ideas for Parent Involvement from OCISO

February 14th, 2010 by Past User

The Ottawa Community Immigrant Services Organization (OCISO) has published a flyer with 25 ideas about “How to Use the $500 Parent Involvement Funding to increase the diversity of your School Council”.

Their ideas are great.  We often have questions from school councils looking for ways to spend their annual $500 grant money for parent involvement. Please share the OCISO flyer with your school council.  Thank you, OCISO for the ideas!

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