2022 PRO Grant Parent Information Sessions: Select Your Speaker!

2022 PRO Grant Parent Information Sessions: Select Your Speaker!
We have a diverse selection of speakers and topics that schools can choose from for the 2022 PRO Grant Parent Information Sessions

School Councils can review the list of topics and available dates and select your preferred session. The list is divided into two categories – Solo and In Collaboration. The Solo category has sessions that can only accommodate a single school community on the dates offered. The In Collaboration category can accommodate more than one school community and we encourage School Councils to work together in their selection process.   

As a reminder the list of topics includes a ‘School Council Choice’ for those Councils who wish to book their own Speakers. In these cases, the OCDSB will fund up to $650 of the cost of a speaker selected by the Council. School Councils are required to submit a short one-page summary of their event. A Google form will be provided to School Councils to facilitate reporting.

How this will work…
Selection Process:
Review the list of speakers and available dates
Select preferred session using the speaker-specific Google Form provided in this email. In addition, using the same form, select two alternate speakers and dates for those speakers. 

You have until Monday, April 4 to make your selection.
You will receive a confirmation of your session by Friday, April 8.
If multiple schools have selected the same speaker and date, we will inform the School Councils involved and they can collaborate in hosting that session. In the event that a speaker is booked by multiple school councils, and the participant limit for that session (on that date) has been exceeded, we will use the first-come-first-served approach in confirming which schools will get that date. The remaining schools will be offered the same speaker on an alternate date. If all the dates for the speaker are exhausted, we will offer schools an alternate speaker on the same or alternate date.

Making the Selection:
*** Note: TO BOOK please use the email that was sent to your council’s email or via Principal.

Scientists in School
School Council Choice

Media Smarts
My Life Online
Parents for Diversity
Paul Davis
Rideauwood Addiction and Family Services
Vanessa aka The Math Guru

Running the Event: 
Once the session is confirmed, School Councils will be responsible for:
Promotion and advertising of your Parent Information Sessions within your local communities.
Managing the registration of families for the sessions.
Liaising with the speaker to sort out the logistics for the sessions. We will be including the contact information and other details to facilitate this. 
Moderation of the sessions should you wish to engage a speaker of your own choice.
Distribution and completion of post-event feedback from the sessions. We will provide a Google form at a later stage to facilitate the collection. This feedback will help School Councils, and the central organizing committee, in understanding the experience of the participants and help guide us for future similar events.  

The District will provide the following support to the School Councils:
A toolkit to help School Councils prepare for and promote and moderate your sessions.
School Councils will receive a Google form to be completed in order to fulfil the reporting requirements to the Ministry. This is a directive from the Ministry and is mandatory. (Please note that this form is different from the post-event feedback form.)
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