The Ottawa-Carleton Assembly of School Councils (OCASC) is an umbrella organisation for school councils and parents in the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board (OCDSB) to share information and facilitate communication within the OCDSB communities to enhance the education of all its students. OCASC works through following:

  • Sharing information: The ever-popular “Chalk-It-Up” sessions have been taken from the flipchart and added to our Group Facebook page. This is a public page that provides an opportunity for school councils to share experiences, problems and solutions, best practices, and contact information. We are also in the process of implementing a knowledge portal.
  • Facilitating communication: OCASC’s representatives on the many OCDSB committees facilitate communication about current board activities to the membership and provide input from our membership to the Board committees in return.
  • Representing its membership: We do this by communicating with board staff and trustees directly and through our representatives on the OCDSB’s committees.

For a detailed understanding of our mandate and practices, please refer to our Constitution.

OCASC usually meets on the third Thursday of each month, from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. 

Meetings are virtual for the time being and require registration to attend.  Please view Meetings page

OCASC invites all OCDSB school councils to become OCASC members. Councils are encouraged to elect or appoint one of their members as their OCASC delegate (or two who alternate) to attend meetings.

Meetings are open to the public but membership entitles a council to participate more fully and to vote on any issues regarding action to be taken by the executive on behalf of the assembly.

YEARLY MEMBERSHIP is completely voluntary.  The annual membership fee of $35 helps us cover costs for items such as monthly meeting refreshments and copies, promotional materials, council training days, presentations, maintaining our website and newsletter and other educational conferences. A waiver of the fee is available upon request to any school council with financial constraints.

Please complete this virtual membership form for 2023-2024. 

Thank you for your support!