Parent Involvement Committee Reports

The Ontario Parent Involvement Policy, announced by the Ministry of Education, was established to support and enhance parental involvement in education.

At the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board, our Parental Involvement Committee is working to support, encourage, and enhance meaningful parental involvement within school and across the district.

Our Parental Involvement Committee has 10 voting members including 7 parent members, two trustees, and the Director of Education.

The mandate of the Parental Involvement Committee (PIC) is to:

  • To support, encourage, and enhance meaningful parental involvement within schools and across the district, including, outreach to parents who find involvement more challenging due to language, recent immigration, poverty, newness to the system, or other factors;
  • To work collaboratively with the school board and ensure linkages between parents, the Director of Education and trustees;
  • To develop strategies for enhancing parental engagement and outreach;
  • To hold district-wide meetings and to engage in inter-school communications;
  • To participate in the promotion, application, and implementation of grant applications and projects funded under the Ministry of Education Parents Reaching Out (PRO) program.

OCASC Parent Involvement Committee Reports