ADHD Information

Recently, Beth Doubt, OCASC’s representative to the OCDSB’s Special Education Advisory Committee, met with Dawn Paxton, the OCDSB’s Superintendent of Learning Support Services, to discuss support for students with ADHD/ADD within the OCDSB.   Their meeting followed the release of a report prepared by the Centre for ADHD Advocacy Canada (CADDAC) that was critical of the support for such students across Ontario in the education system.

Dawn and Beth agreed on the importance of letting parents in the OCDSB know how their ADHD child can and should be supported in the OCDSB.  Beth has prepared a document to that effect.  If ADHD is of interest to you, or to someone you know, we encourage to read Beth’s report, or to pass along the information to those you know who have an interest in it.    If you have additional questions, please contact Beth.