Building Relationships . . . Imagine the Possibilities

Thank you to everyone who participated in our morning of energizing conversation on Saturday!  We had 40 people join us from many segments of the OCDSB community – parents, teachers, principals and vice-principals, superintendents, community members.  It was a wonderful opportunity to experience the power of the positive.

We started from the premise that student success is improved by parent involvement and that building relationships between parents and educators is an important step in supporting parent involvement. Our conversation focused on these relationships – so the participation of parents, teachers and administrators was invaluable.

Everything we looked at was through the lens of “Appreciaitve Inquiry” – an approach that explores what is good and working now and where can we go from here as we imagine the possibilities for the future.

I had many comments from people about taking the ideas from our morning back to their schools – staff meetings, school councils, parent communities.  And many comments about having more of these sessions.  We’ll see what we can do – we’re just getting started!