Dec. 13, 2011 Education Committee Report

OCASC Report from Committee Representatives
Committee: Education Committee
Meeting Date: Thursday, December 13, 2011
OCASC Representative at Meeting: Chris Ellis

Report / Summary / Highlights:

  1. Request for Additional Program Offering at Bell High School
    Bell HS already offers two Latin and two Vocal Music courses. This request would add an additional course for both subjects. This would then make what is known as a course package and would have implications in regards to the transfer policy. Neighbouring schools principals had been consulted. This was passed by Committee members and will be moving forward to Board.
    Link Report 11-214, Request for Additional Program Offerings at Bell High School
  2. Consultation on Special Education Classes, Programs and Services for 2012-2013
    This was to inform about a consultation on a number of changes to Special Education Programs.
    Schools that are named in Report 11-201, Consultation on Special Education Classes, Programs & Services for 2012-2013 are Sir Winston Churchill Public School, South March Public School, Henry Munro Middle School, Glashan, Hawthorne, Trillium, and Ottawa Technical Secondary School.
    Below are the proposed dates. Because of holidays and tight time lines if school councils wish to give input they will need to move on this.
    b) Parents of students potentially affected by changes notified by mail on 16 December 2011.
    c) Community Consultation will be held on 19 January 2012 at Confederation Education Centre from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and again from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
    d) Information Report will be presented to SEAC on 25 January 2012.
    e) Information Report with final system class decision will be presented to SEAC on 22 February 2012.
    f) Information Report with final system class decision will be presented to Education Committee on 19 March 2012.
  3. Trustee Kavanagh brought forward a motion to set up a pilot program for a non-academic credit for students who consistently do regular or daily physical activity outside of school hours. Much discussion around how this would work. It was deferred to allow staff to explore options for implementing the pilot and they will bring this back to the next Education Committee. There was general support for the initiative.
  4. District staff going to be striking a Numeracy Committee. More details to follow.
  5. Follow-Up regarding Instrumental Music at the Intermediate Level in Elementary Schools
    This report included the result of survey which asked parents “Were it to be offered, would your child be interested in taking an instrumental band music program at his/her school in grade 7 and 8?” It also states that 44 of 50 intermediate schools use the band format to deliver the music curriculum. There was discussion around funding challenges and sustainability issues. Board allocated money to invest in instruments. School fees not able to cover some of these costs. Staff commented that purchase of instruments from school council raised funds was possible.

Full reports can be found using the link Education Committee meeting December 13, 2011.

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