OCASC General Assembly Meeting and AGM

Date/Time Thu. May. 18, 2017 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Annual General Meeting (AGM) – Thursday, 18 May 2017

OCASC AGM is scheduled during the May OCASC meeting. Of particular note will be the election of the executive for which there will be a number of vacancies. Schools are invited to send multiple representatives to the AGM with the understanding that each school will only be provided with a single vote regardless of the number of representatives sent.

The positions to be considered for our AGM are as follows:

  • Chair (or Co-Chair)
  • Vice-Chair
  • Recording Secretary
  • Membership Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Communications Office
  • Liaison Officers

If anyone is interested in these roles, please let us know by e-mailing chair@ocasc.ca. If you are interested in some other role, do not hesitate to nominate for that position either.

The duties of all said positions are as follows:

  • Chair. The Chair administers the affairs of the assembly and ensure that all policies and actions approved by the general membership are implemented. The chair presides at meetings of the Assembly and prepares the agenda for such meetings with advice from other executive officers and committees. The Chair also represents the views of the Assembly to the Board, the Ministry of Education, the media and elsewhere as required.
  • Vice Chair. The Vice-Chair fulfills the duties of the Chair when that person is temporarily absent or otherwise unable to perform the duties of the office. The Vice-Chair also performs specific duties assigned by the Chair, or requested by the Executive Committee or the general membership.
  • Recording Secretary. The recording secretary is responsible for the general correspondence of the Assembly including preparing and distributing minutes of all general meetings and of the executive committee.
  • Membership Secretary. The membership secretary is responsible for maintaining a current list of member school councils including the names and contact information for school delegates. The Membership Secretary registers the attendance at general meetings, determines quorum and counts the votes.
  • Treasurer. The treasurer is responsible for the care and custody of the funds and other financial assets of the Assembly and for making payments for all approved expenses incurred by the Assembly. The treasurer maintains books of the accounts that shall be made available for inspection by members at any reasonable time on request. At each AGM, the treasurer presents an account of the finances of the Assembly and a budget for the following fiscal year including any recommendations for change to the annual dues of member councils. The treasurer also maintains a record of dues paid by member school councils.
  • Communication Officers. The communication officer prepares communications on behalf of the assembly, to the media and elsewhere as directed by the Executive. The communications officer may undertake additional tasks such as monitoring the media coverage of education generally at the suggestion of the executive or their own initiative.
  • The LO Position. We have begun to look at the LO position more as a Member at Large
    which allows an individual to attend and participate in Executive and Assembly meetings and may choose areas of specialization with the agreement of the Executive.We are looking for people who want to become a little more involved in OCASC, who are interested in how other school councils work, who want to expand their knowledge regarding school councils and share it with other schools. The LO position is not about knowing everything or anything for that matter, it is about finding answers together through the executive and letting school councils know they have a support system.F

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