PRO Grants

From OCDSB School Council Newsletter #6

Parents Reaching Out Grant
The province has changed the Parents Reaching Out (PRO) Grant program. There is no longer a grant application program that school councils can apply to. Instead, the province provides a direct transfer to the school district. The OCDSB has received $39,986 in 2020-2021 PRO grant funding and has been working with the Parent Involvement Committee to consider the best way to use these funds and support all school communities.

The funds will be used to facilitate school council speaker nights where school councils will choose a speaker from a centrally-consolidated speakers list and the District procures the chosen speakers and facilitates hosting a virtual night under the school councils’ leadership. School councils will be responsible for the promotion of the speaker night and the provision of a simple report back to the District so that central staff can fulfill the PRO reporting requirements by the Ministry.

You can read more about our plans in this PIC Report. More information about school councils’ access to these funds will be available in early March 2021.