Information Items from Oct. 15th meeting

OCASC Meeting – Thur. Ot 15, 2020




The last (COW)Committee of the Whole – meeting, Oct.13th

Agenda of COW Oct 13th with link to all documents and reports

SRO consultation plan – Document:  Presentation at COW at 2:12 mark of YouTube link

Indigenous Equity and Human Rights Roadmap  – Presentation at 3:13 mark of Youtube link information 

Report –

Parent Involvement Committee (PIC) – Martyn Reid – SPS/PIC: For feedback

PIC Brainstorming Session – Reimagining Parent Involvement in 2020 doc

Thought exchange

Ottawa Carleton Virtual School Information website –

OCV Facebook group:

Instructions on how to get OCV Contact list  – For those who have access –


You can direct any questions regarding SC finances to 

I would love a in depth conversation on what councils are spending money on!

The OCV Southeast is having nominations/elections right now!

NW election is on 28th

OCV SW hasn’t started yet.

Q:How will the membership fees be collected? 

A:  $35 Membership Fee’s is voluntary.  Membership form will be sent out and we will arrange payment if any with you when form is completed