January OCASC Meeting In an Nutshell

The January OCASC meeting was held at Confederation Education Centre on Thursday, January 21.

There was an excellent 45 minute presentation and discussion by our PRO Grant committee.  The joint OCASC / OCISO project  Parent Engagement:  Strategies and Resources for Parents and Schools was introduced to the group, with a discussion to get feedback on some of the questions surrounding parent engagement on local schools.  The powerpoint slide show and an accompanying questionnaire will be available on the OCASC website shortly.  It is hoped that OCASC reps will share this presentation with their school councils and get feedback to share with the project committee.

From Chalk It Up:

  • There was a discussion about the Alternative Education Review that has been taking place over the past few months.
  • Lakeview PS is wanting to get a new stage and is looking for schools that have done the same and can share information with them.
  • Stephen Leacock PS  is asking about school council websites and where one can obtain assistance about setting one up.

If anyone has information to share on any Chalk It Up items, please contact the OCASC Chair who will forward your e-mails to the appropriate person.