March Assembly Meeting Notes in a Nutshell

OCASC now has 92 member school councils!  That’s out of 140 schools in the OCDSB, and up from a membership of about 60 in the past. We’re getting there!

Cathy Curry, Chair of the OCDSB, gave us an excellent overview for the OCDSB, it’s programmes, initiatives, priorities and plans. Thank you Cathy for taking the time! For anyone interested in viewing Cathy’s PowerPoint presentation, we have provided a link to it.

Here are some of the things we talked about at the meeting.  Stay tuned for more information on each of them on this website and/or in our newsletter.

  • consultation on the coming OCDSB environmental policy
  • a Fundraising Ideas page on this website
  • a fundraising auction evening at Woodroffe HS
  • a fundraising Garage Sale at Berrigan ES
  • how the all day learning program will affect in-school child care programmes
  • Community Council on Ethnocultural Equity April 8 General Meeting
  • an April 1 presentation for parents of children with learning disabilities
  • the future of the gifted programme in the OCDSB
  • OCASC’s Parent Engagement: Strategies and Resources for Parents and Schools project
  • OCASC’s Budget Group progress