Minutes from the October 2019 have been posted!

We promised to try and have the minutes posted within a week of the meeting – we managed within a week and a half, so we are getting closer 😉
Check them out here: Minutes

And we have also added some information to the Info shared by OCASC speakers tab.
Check it out here: Info shared by OCASC speakers and here: Information from the OCDSB

Stick with us as we work to get information to you as quickly and effectively as we can and keep the conversation going on our Facebook page. Hope to see you at our next meeting on Thursday, 21 November…watch this space for the agenda and any other new information.

If you need information about OCASC, or if you have a particular interest or want to have something in particular discussed at a meeting, contact us:

Email: communications@ocasc.ca
Twitter: @ocasc_ca
Facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/ocasc/ (public group)
Website: http://ocasc.ca