Notice of Motions from 17 January 2019 OCASC Meeting

The following are the draft motions we will be voting on at the next OCASC meeting (21 February 2019). The wording of these is not set in stone, but we tried to capture all the elements that were brought up at this week’s meeting. Please discuss this with your council, and determine how you intend to vote and comment on these motions as your council’s rep.

  1. Notice of Motion: Request that OCASC reps ask PIC to write to the Minister of Education and state the following:
    • a year is an excessive delay for a response to the 2018 Consultation: Education in Ontario; and
    • the modern Health and Physical Education curriculum, as was taught in 2015, should be reinstated; or school boards should be given the option to reinstate the curriculum, for the interim period before the consultation response.
  2. Notice of Motion: Request that OCASC reps ask PIC to relay concerns, to the Board and the Ministry, about the practice of reporting teachers who answer students’ questions around physical health and wellness. This practice creates a climate of distrust that is not conducive to open and equitable discussions amongst teachers, staff, and students.
  3. Notice of Motion: Request that OCASC ask PIC to clarify whether School Councils can engage parents and offer programming, during school hours, on the subjects from the 2018 Consultation: Education in Ontario.

Thanks everyone. Hope this gives everyone ample time to bring it back to your meetings.
Your OCASC exec

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