OCASC Feb 18 – Money Matters: Board Budget Cuts and School Council Finance

OCASC welcomes special guest Kevin Gardner, OCDSB Manager of Financial Services to provide an up-to-date and accurate picture of the Board budget situation as well as an update on another important piece of the puzzle…School Council Finances. Topics covered will include:

  • Why is this year different? What is the extent of budget pressures?
  • Where will the cuts come from? (main options board have/will consider)?
  • What is the high level process and timelines (with emphasis on where parents and school councils can have a voice)?
  • What concerns have been voiced by parents, community members and teachers to date?
  • Is this a one-year challenge? What is expected for the following year? Will things stabilize or are further cuts predicted?
  • How does our budget situation compare with other boards?
  • What revenue generating options are underway/being considered?

All are welcome! OCASC Assembly Meeting, Thursday, February 18, 7pm-9pm, Fisher Park School, 2nd Floor Library, 250 Holland Avenue.