OCASC meeting Nov. 18 – IMPORTANT NOTE

Dear OCASC members and interested parties,

On our OCASC Nov. 18 AGENDA we have 2 presentations and a very important item to discuss: 


  1. OCV School Council – return to in-person for semester 2
  2. Music at OCDSB – an update – Presentation from Jeannie Hunter, Music teacher and advocacy representative for Capital Region Music Festival.

Important Discussion:

We wanted to bring to your attention a motion that was brought forward by Trustee Wendy Hough and amended by Trustee Boothby and passed. 7 for (Trustees: Boothby, Scott, Schwartz, Hough, Jennekens, Penny and Blackburn) to 5 against (Trustees: Fisher, Bell, Lyra, Ellis, and Campbell)


THAT sections 2.1 and 2.2 of P.010.GOV, Community Involvement on Board Standing Committees, be amended to include a Parent Involvement Committee representative on the Committee of the Whole to replace the Ottawa-Carleton Assembly of School Councils (OCASC)

This motion was deferred and will be voted on next COW meeting on Dec. 9th, 2021. If this motion passes, OCASC will no longer be present at COW table and will not be able to provide input from councils directly to important discussions.

To view the motion and discussion go to minute 47:00 on replay https://youtu.be/to82nJbDSXQ

As this motion great affects our voice, we will be discussing this motion and it’s impact at our meeting. 

PIC has an update on this motion on their PIC Agenda for Wednesday’s meeting.

PIC does welcome delegations, should you wish to find out more information, make a statement or share your concerns with this motion. We are happy to chat with you if you would like some assistance with how to and what to expect at any delegation. 

You can email PIC@ocdsb.ca or 

Link to delegation form. https://forms.ocdsb.ca/Forms/Become-A-Delegate

Please join us for our monthly meeting.

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Information for upcoming meeting:

  1. AGENDA Nov. 18, 2021 
  2. MINUTES Oct 21, 2021

Please share this invite with your Council or anyone who would be interested.