As we wrap up this official 2020-2021 year, we want to extend a sincere THANK YOU to you and all those that joined us this year. We greatly appreciate and recognize all great efforts made by you and your councils.


We had our AGM last week and we are happy to announce our

Executive for 2021 – 2022:

C0-Chairs: Malaka Handela and Christine Moulaison

Membership: Rosemary Flanagan

Treasurer: Lisa Greaves

Communications: Nancy Dean with new Communication Sub committee

Secretary: Nancy Dean (Coordinator for rotating recording secretary)

Join us next year with out first meeting of the year Thursday September 16th 7:00 pm 


May Meeting Minutes

May Meeting Minutes

Items to consult your councils on: 

  • OCDSB budget is underway. Draft budget will be presented June 1st with the opportunity for any delegation to appear at the June 8th Committee of the Whole.. OCASC is hosting a budget overview June 3rd to walk through the budget and you can ask questions. Please invite any council or parent who may be interested.
  • From Arts Advisory Committee: Principals received ART MEMO on May 7. Each school has received supplementary funding for the arts. These funds are to purchase Arts supplies, resources and opportunities to experience the Arts: Music, Visual Arts, Dance and Drama. Arts Advisory is asking if you would share information on what these funds were used for a your school. Please email AAC Chair Nancy Dean at nancysolange@practicemakingart.ca
  • OCASC members have asked for more information on council spending. We decided to survey councils treasurer’s reports as way of shedding light into what OCDSB councils are setting as spending priorities. We ask that you or your school treasurer send in one of their Treasures’ reports that outlines budget categories. You do not need to share amounts if not comfortable, but perhaps a percentage of total budget spent on the different categories. Please send Treasurer’s Report by June 11th to communications@ocasc.caThe hope is to provide a larger picture of what councils are prioritizing and inspire councils to discuss their priorities, trends and gaps as a way to enhance council mandates.

Join us as we walk you through the OCDSB Budget to help you better understand priorities and how funding is being spent.  

The follow up OCDSB Committee of the Whole Budget meeting are on Jun 8th and final on June 31st. Opportunities for delegation are at that time.

Did you miss the last OCDSB School Council Newsletter?

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