OCDSB Strategic Plan Consultations

The OCDSB is renewing its Strategic Plan this year. It is seeking input through consultations with numerous groups with connections to the OCDSB. Parents, of course, are an important group!   The OCDSB has scheduled six sessions to discuss the future with parents and the public. Two important items:

  1. The dates for these meetings are the evenings of November 9, 10, 17, 18 and 30. and the afternoon of November 30.
  2. An article, created by the OCDSB,  that you might want to read as background information, and to get you thinking about the future of education in the OCDSB, is 21st Century Learner: Schools for the Future.

Here are two additional links you might wish to check out:

Try to attend one of these meetings!  The OCDSB Strategic Plan is important and parental input to it is important.  And equally important, parents should be aware of and informed about the OCDSB Strategic Plan.  Hope you can participate!