OCSDB Board Meeting Nov. 10th

Watch board meeting here: https://youtu.be/t5aWgTvqCdg

Get agenda and documents here: https://pub-ocdsb.escribemeetings.com/Meeting.aspx?Id=4a0fc1ab-830d-460b-add8-985f99d21c1f&Agenda=Agenda&lang=English

Here is a short meeting brief – hope it is helpful

Staff made a presentation about the decrease in enrolment #’s and possible impacts.  The memo is below. Possible $24 million decrease.   They really want to have as little impact as possible to class sizes but some reorganization will have to happen.  In Elementary this may mean more split classes.  They are doing a school by school approach to see what/who can be cut that will least affect class sizes.  It’a about 40 classes across the board.   Any reorg is being pushed to the new year at semester break for elementary.  As they find out about more funding from the ministry adjustments will be made. 
For Secondary 

Secondary Enrolment and Staffing
At secondary, actual enrolment as of the end of October is 183 students below projected enrolment, which is less than a 1% difference from the projected enrolment of approximately 24,000 students. From a staffing perspective, it means the system is staffed at approximately 13 FTE higher than enrolment would normally generate. This translates into approximately 84 sections or classes that would need to be reduced to reconcile enrolment and staffing. Adjustments to reconcile enrolment and staffing would be actioned in the next quadmester or, more likely, in the second semester at this point to avoid disruption of classes. Based on a school-by-school review of the impact of enrolment changes, it would be difficult for some schools to make adjustments without impacting program choice and their ability to offer all pathways, while other schools, where enrolment is higher than projected, need to add at least some classes in order to provide all students with courses. Staff will continue to work with schools to identify opportunities to reconcile enrolment and staffing. Efforts are also ongoing through the schools to engage students who have yet to attend school, including offering students the option to complete Independent Learning Courses (ILCs) developed through TVO with whom the Ministry of Education has established a partnership for this purpose. Students who take ILCs will continue to be connected to supported by their home schools through outreach from guidance and student success teachers. 


Infrastructure funds from Government . Mr. Carson said that their is infrastructure improvement $ of about 700million across the ministry I believe (Federally) with a very tight deadline for submission of applications by next week nov, 19th.   The work has to be completed by Dec 2022 – which is really not ideal given any disruptions to school if work is needed.  But they are going to apply of course.  The main focus of this $ is for improved ventilation, technology like servers/networks. 


A very important/interesting report was also given on the suspension rates of students at the board, which they cross reference with the new Identity survey information ( Valueing Voices).  So they reported on how much more special needs, vs indigenous, vs other groups are being suspended.  What kind of suspensions and really interesting information.   This I am sure will be on the agenda again to discuss further because it speaks to improving the progressive discipline at schools, looking at safer schools and improving the learning conditions /engagement of students.   

The EFTO rep brought up that there is a joint committee for BIAS FREE PROGRESSIVE DISCIPLINE that was part of the bargaining plan for return for teachers. Not sure what is place for Secondary.

Superintendent Baker mentioned a Culturally Responsive and relevant pedagogy team that is place at the board that is looking at this as well.
Memo/ report https://pub-ocdsb.escribemeetings.com/filestream.ashx?DocumentId=8617Appendix A – graphs https://pub-ocdsb.escribemeetings.com/filestream.ashx?DocumentId=8618Appendix B – methods https://pub-ocdsb.escribemeetings.com/filestream.ashx?DocumentId=8619
They are going to more reporting cross referencing the Valuing Voices survey as well

Just thought I would share, 
Nancy Dean