Report from Parent Involvement Committee Representative – Jen Muise

Report from Parent Involvement Committee Representative

Concern raised by a parent to the effect that construction workers should have criminal background checks; board policy is that anyone who has regular contact needs a check but construction workers are outside only and separated from kids so no regular contact. This is consistent with OCSB.

Jacqueline Lawrence presented on Closing the Parent and Family Engagement Gap, as presented to the Equity Summit.

Pino Buffone spoke on the upcoming Community Dialogue around the English program. Toughest issue of 6 topics of concern is comparing and ranking the French and English programs.

Management of school council fundraising guide and procedure discussion: Ensuring openness and transparency is the key message. The procedure is as general as possible to apply to many different types if council, from the one man show to the fully involved high participation councils. Lots of discussion! Coming to OCASC, hopefully soon. This is a subject that we have a lot to say about.

Michele Giroux on Communication between Home and School–discussion deferred to next meeting so we’ll have more time.

Tell them From Me!’ surveys need filling out!