Nutrition in Schools/Healthy Schools 2020 Initiative


In the Champlain region of Ontario, we have a common vision for our children and youth: for them to be physically active and making healthy food choices every day. The Healthy Schools 2020 program is about working together to put this vision into action!

Coordinated by the Champlain Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Network (CCPN), Healthy Schools 2020 aims to support school communities with tools and resources to make important changes to their school environments – changes that aim to shift school policies and practices in a way that makes healthy eating and physical activity easy, accessible, and consistent with the classroom lessons we teach our children as part of health curricula.

The Champlain Declaration: A Call to Action for Physically Active & Healthy Eating Environments in Schools was signed in April 2009 by the Directors of Education of the nine school boards and Medical Officers of Health of the four public health units in the Champlain region, along with the Chair of the CCPN. The Declaration represents a commitment to working together to facilitate healthy school environments so that school-aged children (ages 4 to 18) in our region can be physically active and make healthy food choices on a daily basis.

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