Tidbits from February OCASC Meeting

The February 18 OCASC meeting featured a presentation by Cathy Dempsey, assistant treasurer for the OCDSB, on next year’s budget.  As we have heard before, there are cuts to be made and it won’t be easy either making them or deciding where to make them.  Many thanks to Cathy for taking the time to talk with the OCASC membership.

We had a good discussion about consultation practices at the OCDSB.  One of OCASC’s priorities this year is to work with the school board on Consultation, Communications and Collaboration.   Talks have been happening throughout the year and will continue.  The recently completed Alternative Education Program review is being used as an example when looking for ways to move forward and improve practices.   In addition to the meetings that have been taking place with school board officials, OCASC will write a letter to the trustees indicating the desire to work with the school board to improve the consultation process, and also pointing out the negative perception that the recent Alternative Education Program review has left with parents.

There is a new Food and Beverage Policy for schools in Ontario.  By September, 2011 schools will be required to comply with guidelines indicating the types of food to be available to students at schools. This may affect things like pizza days, bake sales, vending machines and cafeterias. The OCDSB will be addressing this new policy in the near future.  We will hear more about it in the coming months.  OCASC will keep you updated on it.

The March OCASC meeting will be after the March Break – Thursday March 25 at Fisher Park School.  Hope to see you then!